Expedia is adding another online travel agent, HomeAway, to its digital repertoire, as it aims to compete with Airbnb by offering hotel accommodations as well as forms of private lodging to mobile-savvy travelers. Expedia is hoping for the transaction to be finalized by early 2016 in a deal that would see the travel giant acquire the Airbnb competitor for $3.9 billion. Following Expedia’s recent additions of Travelocity and Orbitz, the move suggests that the travel conglomerate is aiming to cement its status as top dog in the mobile booking sector, which grows incrementally each day. “The HomeAway acquisition is strategic and will strengthen Expedia’s mobile position in the vacation rental market in a number of ways,” said Thom Jordan, CEO of Ping Mobile, New York. “First, it provides Expedia with a greater foothold in the vacation-rental market via the HomeAway digital and mobile assets. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily Read also "Barry Diller: We want our slice of this $100B space" at CNBC