Faced with a 15 year-old business model and rising threats ranging from scrappy young Web startups to Internet leviathans such as Google Inc., Mr. Durchslag recently discussed his plans with Financial Post tech reporter Jameson Berkow. Q: You have developed a reputation for joining companies largely to help them innovate and overcome failing business models, first with Motorola and later with Skype. How do you plan to do the same for Expedia? A: I'm defining a vision and strategy for the business that I think is sustainably differentiated from whatever anybody else in the space is doing. Travel as an industry is not very innovative compared to other industries that I've been in. I think there is a chance to bring the magic of innovation and technology back, to be able to really deliver benefit to the consumer, because the consumer is not happy right now. All of the studies you will see on this show they are frustrated by what they have to go through when they travel. I see that as an opportunity to touch their lives and make it much easier and better. What I am trying to bring from that experience from Skype and from Motorola is how you operationalize that strategy. How do you have a very clear structure that has accountability for performance but is also streamlined in a way that has everything oriented around the end customer? I describe it as a journey from transactions to the customer. Get the full story at the Financial Post