It was kicked off at the weekend with a tweet by 'Towie' star Jessica Wright that said: "Can't wait for tonight with the girls but hope this rain clears up! Birthday girl tomorrow". The message was then turned into a song by The Naked Cowboy in New York, filmed, uploaded onto YouTube and tweeted back. Tweets containing the #tyi hashtag are being offered the chance to win a range of prizes including sandcastle-shaped cakes and a luxury holiday to Abu Dhabi. Gerry Human, the chief creative officer for Ogilvy & Mather London, said: "This is an outstanding next step in Expedia’s brave and smart avoidance of clichéd travel marketing in favour of a campaign that’s more about what you get out of travel, than where you go. "Not only that, the world, let alone Twitter, might even be a better place if everyone was a bit more interesting." Get the full story at campaign