1. Attention is the new currency: Where is your target market spending their time? Most likely, on their phones. There's no denying the mobile phone has changed the way people interact with the world. They're no longer on the bus chatting to their neighbor or at the gym watching TV. They're on their phone watching YouTube, streaming content or TV shows, playing games, reading the news or talking to their friends on social media. 2. Think bigger than the product: What does your brand stand for? Millennials are not just buying a product, they want to buy into a lifestyle and they are seeking authenticity from brands. A recent study from Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics found that people are shifting away from a society of stuff, and instead prioritizing experiences - especially travel experiences. 3. Creativity backed by insights: What if someone told you your campaign was going to be a huge success? Sound familiar? Every marketer goes into their campaign hoping for the best, and every agency tells you this campaign will be the best, but what if you had a formula that was almost guaranteed to be a winner? Get the full story at Marketing Drive