The success of sites like Airbnb, Uber and HotelTonight is fueling a new wave of online travel start—ups set to take flight in 2015. Mobile, data, technology and social media are just some of the factors transforming the way we purchase travel – providing an exciting opportunity for start-ups and solutions providers to get a foothold in this billion dollar industry. But for every travel start-up that succeeds, hundreds (if not thousands) fail. What are the secrets to success? What can start-ups learn from those who have boldly gone before them? What do investors really see value in? EyeforTravel’s Start-up Village will kick off with a number of ‘bootcamp’ style sessions. Firstly, audience members will have the opportunity to quiz North America’s top travel entrepreneurs including Erik Blachford, Former President & CEO, Expedia. The entrepreneurs will be on-hand to share the mistakes to avoid as well as share vital tips to success. One of the most difficult stages to go through as a start-up is looking to attract start-up capital. The open discussion format will allow entrepreneurs, experts and investors to share where they feel start-ups go wrong in their approach to seeking investment. “Rapid technological change means it’s an exciting time for start-ups in the online travel space. But even the best ideas can fail if the people behind them don’t get the right advice and meet the right contacts.” says Gina Baillie, GM, EyeforTravel. “EyeforTravel’s Start-up Village is an affordable way for travel start-ups to get a foothold in the cut-throat online travel industry,” continued Baillie. Morning interactive sessions will be followed by EyeforTravel’s Start-up Awards 2015 competition. Adhering to stringent judging criteria, a selection of start-ups will battle it out to win ‘Best Travel Start-up 2015’. Packed with networking opportunities, the EyeforTravel Start-up Village is open to start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs, and all other interested parties to attend. Entrance passes to the event can be purchased online. EyeforTravel’s Start-up Awards are open to all online travel start-ups who started their company after June 2011 and have less than $2.5 million in financing. All entries must be received by March 6th, 2015. Related Link: EyeForTravel Start-Up Village