Google moves: rising cause for concern? Google threat, or Google opportunity? Okay so this is a well-worn headline but how are hotels feeling with the recent news that Google has signed an agreement with Room 77, for its hotel booking software, which will allow this giant of industry to cater to travellers looking to book quickly while on the move. Despite protestations from Google that it doesn’t want to take away direct business from hotels, Gina Baillie, EyeforTravel’s general manager isn’t convinced, and nor should the industry be either. Tell us what you think in the comments box below! Mergers afoot and travellers more footloose in Asia It is all go in Asia-Pacific where by 2030, 49% of all passenger traffic globally will be within the region or between countries in the region and the rest of the world. Little wonder then that there are rumours of price wars and potential mergers or acquisitions of the big names; could we see Baidu acquiring C-Trip or elong before the year is out? EyeforTravel conference director Emily Assender says the fact that tours in Asia are now heavily regulated could mean that independent travel is set to boom. One sign is that TravelMob, Asia’s answer to Airbnb, has recently been given $1m in funding. Another signal is the growth in the low-cost carrier market, particularly in Japan and South Korea, but also in Hong Kong where multiple LCCs could threaten Cathay’s domination. Oh and if you need any more proof about Asia’s growth trajectory, Macau’s gambling revenues are now 7x those of Las Vegas. Get the full story at EyeForTravel