Los Angeles-based luxury hotel operator Kor Hotel Group selects the EZ Yield channel management system to ease information updates on third-party web sites.

“EZ Yield provides a reliable program that meets our needs of helping to ensure that our hotel’s information is accurate and up-to-date,” says Tom Santora, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kor Hotel Group. “Although other channel management products have tried to follow in EZ Yields’ footsteps, none have been able to offer Kor what EZ Yield provides – a reliable program that meets our needs and an unmatched support team.”

As the Kor Hotel Group expands internationally, each new hotel is immediately added to the EZ Yield system. Kor is able to minimize the time spent yielding and free their revenue teams to make important decisions regarding strategy and pricing.

The EZ Yield V2 SPIDER System allows Kor to simultaneously update rates, inventory and inventory restrictions across all of their online travel websites in a fraction of the time that it takes to manage them manually. With EZ Yield Companion, Kor is able to query current rate and inventory level settings in a real time report for all of their online wholesalers. This affords the client the ability to make informed yielding decisions based on current information by using EZ Yield Companion (included with the EZ Yield Product).

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