On Wednesday, Facebook announced an update to its news feed algorithm that penalizes links to web pages that it considers of low quality. Rolling out “over the coming months,” per Facebook, the update will curtail the reach of organic posts containing these links and block ads linking to these pages from being approved in the first place. The update will apply to ads running across Facebook, Instagram and Facebook’s Audience Network ad network and to organic posts on Facebook. It will not yet apply to organic posts on Instagram. That may have to do with the fact that only approved accounts can attach links to organic posts on Instagram — verified profiles for Stories and approved retail-related brands for non-Story posts — and those rubber-stamped groups are less likely to use spammy links, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have been approved in the first place. Facebook is specifically targeting pages that don’t feature much original content but carry a lot of ads, particularly the annoying, offensive types like pop-ups and toenail-fungus ads. Get the full story at Marketing Land