Facebook is peerless amongst travel marketers according to a new industry-wide survey from EyeforTravel. The State of Data and Analytics in Travel Report 2017 found that 61.6% think Facebook is the best performing social media network, leaving Instagram – also a Facebook company – a distant second at 15.8% of respondents. Twitter rounds out the top three at 10.3% of respondents and is followed by YouTube at 6.2% of respondents. No other social media network had a significant response rate. "Facebook has numerous advantages above its rivals, but the largest of these is the depth of information it has on its users," said Alex Hadwick, Head of Research at EyeforTravel. "Potentially Facebook has the majority of a Millennial or Generation Z's life recorded in detail, from their interests and preferences, to the places they have travelled to. This gives them enormous power that has been multiplied by the clever acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. In my opinion these acquisitions also help to future-proof Facebook from potential downturns in usage of its original platform." Get the full story at Hospitality.Net, and download the report at EyeForTravel