The complexity of the traveler’s path to purchase has become ubiquitous, with an increasing number of channels for inspiration, validation, planning, and booking. We know that travelers visit travel sites more than 120 times in their journey from dreaming to booking. For advertisers, this implies serious competition when engaging with travelers. If your brand is not there at every step of the traveler’s journey, another brand will be. Other research shows that only 9% of US travelers “always” know which brand they want to book with prior to researching. Therefore, being present is key. And because there are so many touchpoints, understanding each unique traveler’s path to purchase is even more taxing. Advertisers must be able to identify individual travelers as they jump across websites, devices and verticals in order to target them with the most relevant content. ​Sojern’s Path to Purchase Report​ illustrates exactly how unique each path is and how marketing to an “average” traveler is a great way to miss them entirely. Get the full story at Sojern