Eventually, though the timing isn’t yet certain, all Facebook ad units will be available via CPA. However, the company is introducing the new option in selected ad categories for the present. CPA bidding (on a global basis) is available today through its ads API. CPA will make its way to the Power Editor and Ads Manager in the near future. When it does, or soon thereafter, CPA will become available broadly on the full range of Facebook ad types. Today, marketers will be able to do CPA bidding on three types of ads or actions: - Page Likes - Offer Claims - Link Opens/Clicks (specific click-throughs [e.g., to a product profile page] the marketer wants) CPA will operate as a maximum bid. As with search, marketers may actually pay less than their max bids in practice. Thus, if you value fans at $1.50 per fan, you can simply bid that amount to acquire them — but may actually pay less. Facebook says this benefits marketers by offering more “predictability” in their ad spending. Get the full story at Marketing Land