A Facebook “Like” is a way to acknowledge the websites, videos, or other content that you find relevant and meaningful with your friends. Likes show up on your wall and sometimes your newsfeed. You can Like a Facebook page, but that mostly shows up on your Info tab under pages you Like.

In a long conversation thread with Facebook expert Mari Smith, dozens of people shared not only their opinions, but tests of how the new button is working. You can follow Mari’s thread here, and I should mention that she conducted a Facebook Marketing webinar recently that gave lots of tips on how to maximize your Facebook presence. Both worth a look.

Prior to the recent change, a "Like" was fairly low-key, just a short few words saying "TJ McCue Liked Small Business Trends..." That was it. It simply showed up under your wall status box with a link to that source. Now, it displays a full newsfeed story. One of the challenges, the Like button doesn’t let you select the thumbnail image that shows on your wall. The old share button did.

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