Facebook knows a lot about its 1.2 billion users. Thursday’s changes put that information to even better use for advertisers than before, a key interest for Facebook as it looks to woo more ad dollars into its coffers. For example, advertisers can now target users by a mix of countries, states, cities and zip codes. Until now, if advertisers wanted to target multiple locations they all had to be the same geographic type such as all cities or all states. The changes now allow, say, a political campaign to target users in New York City, Chicago and all of California. Advertisers can now also exclude areas as well. So, a small coffee chain that has stores only in New York’s Manhattan borough could exclude users located in Brooklyn and Queens. Facebook is also letting advertisers reach users based on recent life events that have happened in the last three months. Previously, the timeframe was within a six-month or 12-month window. Get the full story at The Wall Street Journal