With all the chatter and hype that surround bots, artificial intelligence and conversational commerce, it can be hard to remember that very little percolating today on chat platforms with billions of users didn’t exist a year ago. Since CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would open its platform to bot makers, businesses, and the rest of the world, Facebook has been part of what some refer to as the chat platform “arms race” to add features and attract developers. In that time, Facebook added a menu, buttons, cards, and rich media to Messenger to accommodate bots. More than 18,000 bots were made and Messenger surpassed one billion monthly active users. Last week VentureBeat went to Facebook offices in Menlo Park, Calif. to check-in with Facebook Messenger Product Manager Seth Rosenberg. We talked about his first impressions of the Messenger bot ecosystem, how Facebook measures bot performance, why we can’t groups can’t chat with a Messenger bot, and why Facebook hasn’t created a bot store. Get the full story at VentureBeat Read also "2 big reasons Facebook Messenger is the wrong platform for chatbots" at VentureBeat