According to Facebook, we’re moving away from this world where people will browse 20 to 30 different websites. Surfing, browsing, and searching. We’re moving toward apps. On mobile devices, apps offer a superior user experience than the web does. That’s why show something like 80% of the typical mobile user’s time is spent on apps. If you think the average person only has about 26 apps on their mobile device, they’ll never have a lot of travel apps. They will probably have an aggregator app, like an OTA or a metasearch. Maybe a hotel brand they’re loyal to. An airline they’re loyal to. Maybe a car rental one. So bearing that in mind, all these travel companies want to, first, develop a good app that people like, and, second, do everything they can to get as much penetration on as much mobile real estate as possible. Get the full story at Tnooz