Social media marketing is central to the 2014 marketing plans of many travel companies. With more than one billion smartphones globally and a mobile penetration rate of 148.9 per cent in Singapore according to a white paper published by Blackbox in 2012, having a mobile content strategy is more important than before. The foundation to a great social media approach is to develop a robust content strategy. Travel marketers should take note of the following points. Start by acquiring fans both organically and by utilising easily accessible social media tools to reach out to specific target audience groups. Accurate targeting will allow you to reach people likely to be planning to travel, people in your existing customer database or people who have visited your website. Next, tell the brand’s story by exploring various types of visual and multimedia content. This could include encouraging participation, sharing news and exclusive content with fans and rewarding them for interacting with the brand. Build awareness and consideration so that your brand is top of mind as customers plan their next vacation. Get the full story at TTG Asia