Like all its News Feed algorithm updates, Facebook has warned that non-user accounts may see a decrease. After all, once users have parsed through all the content from their friends and family, the likelihood that they’ll continue to browse through more posts decreases - think of it like the search results page on Google. How often are you going past page 3 or 4 of those results? Being at the top of someone’s feed can generate enormous traffic and attention. But here’s where the change in News Feed can cause a bit of a renaissance for marketers, community managers, and brands interested in still finding an audience on Facebook: Decrease in gamified posts: As mentioned earlier, a previous News Feed tweak promised to reduce engagement and clickbait posts from surfacing to the top, but with a push to prioritize posts that’ll spark conversations and reactions, maybe we’ll see fluffed up posts like countdown clock livestreams on when the election will be or just nonsensical content. Push for engagement versus reactions: Brands and businesses will need to up their game and focus more on posts that will drive conversation instead of just views. According to Facebook: Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in News Feed. This means that looking at more authentic and value add-type posts are more critical in this day of age. Get the full story at Ken Yeung Read also "Bringing people closer together" at Facebook