McCabe sees two reasons for this: 1. Travel marketers are testing more and more, and they’re finding scalable ROI. Through constant testing of image, message, ad type, targeting, landing page optimisation (the standard components of performance marketing) travel marketers are increasingly seeing great ROI. 2. Facebook has come a long way in the past six months. “With our solutions, listening to partner feedback and constant product innovation, finding scalable ROI is a lot easier,” he says, citing FBX and Custom Audiences, as an example. These should be advertising components for any ROI focused travel marketer. “We are seeing constant partner success with these solutions,” he says, citing MGM Resorts International, which features as a detailed case study in EyeforTravel’s recent research, as an example. Three key opportunities for travel marketers on Facebook: 1. Targeting: Travel marketers are understanding, and getting far better at targeting on Facebook. A common question McCabe has had lately is: “What are the most important segments that travel companies should be targeting? Do you see any huge targets?” His answer is no and his promise is a big one. “I don’t see any huge targets, I see over 1.1 billion small targets. They are reachable, scalable and waiting to be engaged. Whatever travel sub-vertical the business sits in and whatever size, we can absolutely support the growth by offering that precise connection to the consumer. We can find the people that matter to the business.” 2. Text to image: A picture is worth a thousand words. That definitely rings true for Facebook. Marketers are moving away from text and realising the power of the image. The right images with the right targeting spell highly engaging and effective posts. “As we move away from desktop to smaller screens this becomes even more important,” says McCabe. 3. Search: We will begin to see a convergence here. The information that people are exposed to is growing. People are looking for a better filter. The filter of friends is important. And for this, he recommends keeping an eye on Graph Search and Nearby developments. Get the full story at EyeForTravel