New research revealed in BDRC Continental’s Social Media Impact “Freemium Report” shows that while 98% of the 1,007 consumers surveyed use Facebook generally, 59% said they used it for travel and leisure (T&L) interactions within the past six months. This was way ahead of the 16% who use Twitter to interact with T&L businesses and proportionally far more than the 55% who use it generally. While a further 73% admitted in spring this year they use YouTube, even fewer - 11% - use it to interact with the business in question. LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are much further down the field with 5%, 4%, 4% and 2% using the respective sites for T&L interaction. Associated director at BDRC Continental Jon Young said he believed Facebook was the most popular social media site because it offered greater opportunities for engagement than any of the others. Get the full story at TTG and BDCR Continental (PDF 2 MB)