Today’s update to Lookalike Audiences represents a somewhat lengthy upgrade because it allows advertisers to identify, track and target people that have similar characteristics to the people who like their Page, visiting their websites and use their mobile apps. It marks another effort by the social networking giant to further enable advertisers developers using Facebook’s virtual toolbox to craft more stringent, and hopefully, more effective ads. “Say you’re using a travel booking app. You already know you have a set of clients that book to Hawaii. Not only do you want to target them because they book Hawaii, you want [to lure in] that are like them and likely also going to book a Hawaii trip. the others outside that ring. It’s a way to acquire more customers,” the Facebook spokesperson said. In other words, empowering the people. At least the ones trying to reach the biggest audience possible while avoiding third-party middlemen who purport to do all the lifting themselves. Get the full story at VentureBeat