That’s based on a recent study from Facebook IQ, Facebook’s research arm, which surveyed some 14,700 U.S. adults ages 18 years and older online in March 2016 and measured brand loyalty in five industries — auto insurance, airlines, hotels, grocery and restaurants. The survey included respondents who were brand loyal, or those that make repeat purchases and always use a particular brand, and disloyal travelers. The data show price doesn’t rule every traveler’s decision. The survey asked respondents to describe the brands they love most and responses were categorized by consistency, cost, quality and experience. “By far the largest group of words was under experience,” the study said. “Perhaps people will always be willing to pay for the things that are memorable.” Brand loyalists said service and trust, the cornerstones of a pleasant travel experience, are most important to them with airlines and hotels. Get the full story at Skift