According to a study conducted by social@Ogilvy, organic reach only accounted for 6% of brands’ total reach, a 50% decline from just six months earlier. And it is projected that this will eventually hit 0%. Welcome to the brave new world of Facebook. This change in the social climate may best be described as the new pay-to-play era. Marketers everywhere are scrambling to acclimatize to this revolution while wondering what it will mean for their 2015 digital marketing strategy. There’s no need to worry! It just means you have to adapt and adjust to the new social regulations. Unfortunately, the days of gaining social media reach completely organically may be moving into the rear-view mirror, simply because the massive influx of content being produced every day. Facebook still plays an integral role in any organization’s digital marketing strategy, it just can be more difficult to fight for visibility when there is a sea of content being produced everyday. Instead of dwelling on the better days of the past, here are some great ways you can look to the future and still harness the power of this social giant. Get the full story at Leonardo