At a recent mobile conference, Erick Tseng, Head of Mobile Products for Facebook noted that of the 800 million Facebook users on the social network today, approximately 350 million access the service through a mobile device. “We will soon become a company where more than half of all our users will be mobile users,” he said. In part, that’s due to Facebook increasingly seeing adoption in countries like India and China, where broadband connectivity isn’t as pervasive but almost everyone gets Internet through mobile. “We’re getting to the point now where the countries we’re going into … don’t have many computers at all,” Tseng said. To reach those users, Facebook will also need to build mobile experiences that are available on more than just smartphones like the iPhone or Android devices. Earlier this year, Facebook acquired Israeli startup Snaptu, which has technology that helps translate the Facebook experience to feature phones. Tseng said that would allow Facebook to show really advanced features on low-end phones, helping it to reach more new users around the world. Get the full story at GigaOM