Facebook reported that video accounts for about 50% of all mobile data traffic, and by 2021, it will account for more than 70% of all mobile data traffic. There is now 100 million hours of video viewed on Facebook per day, on average. Even with all this content to ingest, people need less time to process a thought (reduced from .3 to .03 seconds). With this extra time, Facebook users are thumbing through 300 feet of content per day on average in their News Feed. That’s equivalent to the height of the Statue of Liberty! So how do you handle this as a marketer? The first step is to know who your brand is, who your consumer is, and what they’re talking about right now. The emphasis on mobile, feed and context, layered with the fact that people are moving faster, consuming content faster, has led Facebook to conclude that we need to adapt to the speed of people and build creative for the speed of the Feed. Get the full story at iProspect