Where I?ve Been currently holds the No. 1 spot for travel applications on Facebook, making it one of the most popular overall applications. With 2.6 million users for Where I?ve Been at the top, the No. 2 application comes in with less than half the users at 1.2 million (TripAdvisor). Of the 3,400+ total Facebook applications, the Where I?ve Been map is ranked No. 22 on its Most Popular Download list. Approximately 6% of Facebook?s 30 million users currently use the Where I?ve Been interactive tool.

The Where I?ve Been application appears as a world map on a user?s Facebook or MySpace profile page. Users highlight the countries he or she has been to, lived in, or wants to go by clicking on them and changing the color. These personalized maps can then be quickly and easily shared with friends.

Chief strategic officer Brian Harniman said, ?We?re encouraged by the fast adoption of our application as it serves a need for community building and travel exploration and is attractive to partners who are targeting the wide universe of travel customers.?

After Craig Ulliott created the travel mapping application for Facebook in June 2007, over one million users added the Where I?ve Been map to their profile within the first 30 days, with approximately 30,000 new users daily. Users will be able to add the interactive map to their MySpace blog by visiting WhereIveBeen.com.

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