Fairsearch.org has released findings from a new study that raises serious and important issues about Google, its influence on searcher behavior and whether the search giant’s actions are deliberately hindering competition. Unfortunately, the study results are tainted by flawed methodology and a blatant anti-Google bias, implicitly favoring the agendas of the companies that sponsored the research. According to its website, Fairsearch.org “is a group of businesses and organizations united to promote a healthy Internet future, where economic growth is driven by competition, transparency and innovation in search verticals and online services.” It’s also an advocacy group for Google’s competitors—most prominently those in the online travel space— with members including Microsoft, Travelocity, Hotwire, Expedia and others. As a watchdog group, Fairsearch.org has shone light on some of Google’s more questionable practices that we’ve also called out at Search Engine Land, including content scraping of Yelp, imposing requirements on mobile phone manufacturers despite Android being an “open” mobile operating system, and others. Get the full story at Search Engine Land