Farecast.com, the airfare prediction website, announced today that consumers can now shop for airfare on Farecast.com for any airport and destination nationwide. The company also
added free airfare predictions from 20 additional cities, bringing the total to 75 cities across the country.

With Farecast.com, airfare shoppers can buy directly with airline websites. Unlike other airfare search engines, Farecast.com simplifies the shopping experience by showing only the booking options that provide the best value and the lowest fares to consumers.

"It's a myth that shoppers need to search across 'hundreds' of airfare websites to find the best price," said Hugh Crean, Farecast's president and chief executive officer. "Booking with airline websites provides the best value - no booking fees, earn bonus miles, lowest fare guarantees - so the reality is that for most trips, you only need to see results from a handful of airline websites."

With support from some of the world's largest carriers, Farecast.com developed technology to streamline the Farecast.com-to-airline-website booking process, making airfare shopping and booking much easier for consumers.

Farecast.com airfare predictions are now available from more than 75 cities across the country. The 20 additional cities are: Akron, Albany, Anchorage, Birmingham, Boise, Burbank, Dayton, Greensboro, Honolulu, Louisville, Manchester, Oklahoma City, Reno, Richmond, Rochester, San Juan (Puerto Rico), Savannah, Spokane, Syracuse and Tucson.

Unlike any other travel website, Farecast.com saves online travel shoppers money with an airfare prediction for their specific trip. The company's patented airfare prediction shows whether the lowest fares for their trip are rising or dropping. Farecast.com also provides expected price movements, confidence levels, historical prices and buying tips when
customers search for flights. To learn more about the proprietary airfare prediction, see the Our Technology page of Farecast.com.