Farecast.com launched the beta version of Farecast Hotels search. Farecast customers can now shop for both airline tickets and hotel rooms anywhere in thousands of cities worldwide. With Farecast Hotels, Farecast introduces Hotel Rate Key, an innovative new hotel pricing technology that empowers consumers to know where to stay by indicating if the current rate for a hotel is a deal, or not a deal. The beta launch of Farecast Hotels is an important next step in the evolution of Farecast to bring transparency and help consumers buy with confidence in another critical category of travel.

"Where should I stay? Am I getting a good deal? These are important questions when shopping for a hotel," said Hugh Crean, Farecast's president and chief executive officer. "No other travel search site offers expert advice and information to help you make the right tradeoffs and smarter hotel purchase decisions."

How Farecast Hotel Rate Key Works (Beta)

Farecast's Hotel Rate Key helps consumers know at a glance if the current rate for a hotel is a deal or not a deal. The initial beta version will utilize historical rates and offer Hotel Rate Keys for over 5,000 hotels in 30 major cities across the country for up to 90 days in the future. Farecast builds the unbiased Hotel Rate Key entirely on science, not marketing. Farecast's Hotel Rate Key compares the individual hotel's current rates to its past rates observed for:

- The same travel dates (e.g. past rates found for a stay on September 21-23)
- Other travel dates on the same days of the week (e.g. other Friday - Sunday stays)

A Rate Key showing a "Deal" indicates today's rate is lower than past rates for that hotel.

Farecast Hotels Search

In addition to its unique Hotel Rate Key beta, Farecast.com now offers consumers the ability to shop more than 80,000 hotels in thousands of cities worldwide. Farecast Hotels offers a clean interface with useful tools to help consumers find the best hotel for their needs. Some features include:

- Search current hotel rates and find detailed information on hotel properties
- Map property locations in your preferred destination using Microsoft Virtual Earth
- Filter to narrow search results, sort by listings or identify hotels close to an address, or location of interest

Hotel Rate Key indicators, when available, are provided within each hotel search result and plotted on the map with color-coded flags.

Farecast Airfare Predictions

Unlike any other travel website, Farecast.com saves online travel shoppers money with an airfare prediction for their specific trip. In April 2006, Navigant Consulting tested over 44,000 airfare predictions confirming that Farecast's predictions are 74.5% accurate, and that travelers purchasing two tickets could save an average of $55 by using Farecast's airfare predictions. The company's patented airfare prediction shows whether the lowest fares for their trip are rising or dropping. Farecast.com also provides expected price movements, confidence levels, historical prices and buying tips when customers search for flights.

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