In a new venture round, Farecast has landed $12.1 million that the Seattle online travel startup will use to roll out its airfare predictions for international destinations and expand into new travel categories such as hotels. Both offerings are slated to debut this year, though Chief Executive Hugh Crean declined to provide specifics Tuesday.

"We have certainly heard feedback around a lot of the areas where we are going to go and innovate," Crean said. "It is really about listening to customers. And clearly on the international side, knowing when to buy - should I buy now or should I wait - is very, very relevant."

The next iteration of the service will include predictions from U.S. airports to international destinations, though Crean said, "We would like to cover anywhere you want to fly in the world." It currently offers predictions on airfares -- telling people whether the prices are likely to rise or fall -- from 75 airports in the U.S.

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