FareCompare, a Dallas startup that's focusing its efforts on leveraging the complexity of airline fare changes, released an air fare e-mail alert service for consumers that claims to deliver fare changes up to four hours sooner than the Web sites of network airlines and online agencies.

In so doing, FareCompare can alert consumers -- and even travel agents -- to fare changes by airport-to-major destinations or for specific city pairs before the GDSs display them or transmit them to the airline and online agency Web sites that they support.

FareCompare states that it can accomplish this because it subscribes to air fare data from the Airline Tariff Publishing Co., the entity that receives fare changes from the airlines and disseminates them to the GDSs, and also because FareCompare has put its resources into developing a "deals engine" that processes air fare changes as quickly as possible.

The company stated that it gets the jump on airline fare changes because major carrier and agency Web sites get their fare updates from the GDSs, which process feeds from ATPCO and can take two to six hours to incorporate the new data.

"With this alert system, consumers are reaping the benefits of our five-year investment in building the fastest air fare processing system available," stated CEO Rick Seaney.

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