The statistics are clear and final: users don't visit corporate websites anymore. Linkedin and Twitter have become the primary touchpoints. Fastbooking has built something different to meet the market's expectations. Responsive on split screens Providing websites to worldwide hotels, Fastbooking had to honour its technical expertise. The bet is won. While a majority of competitors' websites are not even mobile, Fastbooking's is totally responsive on dual panels (cold and hot content). Responsive on split screens: done. Content oriented More than a classical corporate website, this one is a digital media about the hospitality sector. Providing market news and original insights, it delivers Fastbooking's expertise and market vision. Transparent Take a look at the global customers' map: it is connected to our API, and updated in real time. Or at the counter of value generated for clients. Or at the on-going projects. Aware of the transparency the market is expecting, Fastbooking shares global information, including its roadmap, contributing to building a trust relationship. Fluid and user-friendly The website aims at offering a fluid navigation with a sharp design. Clear, spacious, and concentrated, for quick and efficient understanding. Open People find here market news coming from international medias, and even from competitors. The market is fully connected: hoteliers access to these informations anyway. It is part of the global vision they need to achieve their business goals. This new corporate website provides a big picture to improve their business insights. Live Social media activity, last market news, original insights, infographics and events, with a fundamentally different editorial line. More human and personal, building a link with the users, offering the possibility to interact. It highlights how important it is to rethink the corporate websites to fit with the evolutions of user's habits. Requiring openness, interaction, valued and updated content, and offering the B2B visitors the optimal experience they deserve. "It is part of the inner reinvention the company has operated in 2014 and illustrates the way Fastbooking interacts with the market: closely and directly, to provide a global vision and answer the business needs" says Jean-Louis Boss, Chief Marketing Officer @Fastbooking.