E-commerce in hospitality is no longer a side activity. It is the core of the sector's distribution. Travelers are every day more connected. Digitally educated, swinging from their laptops to their tablets and from their phablets to their smartphone, their requests are clear: fluidity, speed, efficiency. Hoteliers must level up. On the other side, digital native companies have risen and set new codes and practices: OTAs (Booking, Expedia,…), price comparison websites (TripAdvisor, Kayak…) and the « sharing economy » (Airbnb, HomeAway,…). Hoteliers must face that highly financed competition. Reassert control over their direct online marketing In that context, FASTBOOKING, inventor of the first online booking engine for the hospitality business in 2000, launches Attraction, its next generation booking engine. Fastbooking's vision of online marketing is dynamic and proactive: beyond its obvious purpose of registering online bookings, Attraction reaches to the internet users wherever on the web to bring them directly to the hotel website. By sending prices and availabilities wherever necessary (Meta-Search, Google Ads, Hotel Website), Attraction catches the users outside of the booking engine, and brings them home.To close the transaction. That's what Fastbooking's teams worked for. That's where they mobilized their R&D efforts. To answer those new expectations, Attraction doesn't ask users to adapt to a tool. Attraction is "context aware". It will adapt to the user's currency (66 currencies available), to the user's language (34 languages available, including Mandarin, Cantonese or Catalan), or to the user's device (Attraction is fully responsive) This new booking engine is user-centric with a 3-steps purchase process. It can take less than 60 seconds to complete a booking. Simplicity for the hotelier also, as the back office has been rebuilt for better ergonomy and efficiency (cloud based, step-by-step configuration wizards et flexible dashboard). Increasing profits Hoteliers willing to develop their direct sales strategy need to increase their visibility, to propose adapted offers and to make the navigation on their website as fluid as possible. Attraction provides this, as confirmed by our pilot hotels. "The new Fastbooking booking engine has been put online a few weeks ago and we are very pleased with it. The layout is great; it totally meets our requirement. But, most and foremost, it has really increased our bookings. And it carries on." Lorenza LAIN, General Manager - Ca'Sagredo Hotel Example: Ca'Sagredo Hotel Number of bookings: +38% Conversion: +32% ATP: +21% Revenue: +67% Number of bookings: +75% for more than 1 room Partners-test Hotels Lune de Mougins - http://www.hotel-lunedemougins.com/uk/index.php Ca'Sagredo - http://www.casagredohotel.com/ Negresco - http://www.hotel-negresco-nice.com/en/ Explorers- http://www.explorershotels.com/en/ Related Link: Fastbooking