This change to local universal didn’t seem that significant until I noticed the ‘Deals’ toggle in mapreuslts filtering options and how it is noticeably absent from the local universal filtering options. Based on what we’ve seen, the Deals flag is present starting when a hotels rate is ~10-15% lower than its average price in that time period. How users interact with each product is also significant. Map results is higher in the funnel and users may not be as tied down to a hotel or specific area, which makes them more apt to be influenced by good deals. The deals experience could also influence how users interact with map results. For example, someone stranded at an airport after a canceled flight may use map results instead of local universal if they are familiar with both products and looking for a good deal. For advertisers, this could lead to a spike in map results spend for a certain property if it received the deals treatment. Google does not currently expose this in reporting. However, this could be very valuable to advertisers, who could decide whether it made sense to increase investment for a property to capture additional volume when the deal tag is active. Get the full story at Koddi