FeedBurner, a company that manages the delivery and analytics for thousands of RSS feeds, while also maintaining a sizable RSS/blog ad network, has launched a new product that provides brands with the ability to avoid running ads alongside objectionable content.

The idea behind FeedBurner?s new AdClimate product is to make RSS/blog advertising more palatable to mainstream brands. While the company works with several mainstream publishers such as USAToday.com and Newsweek.com, the bulk of its 700,000 RSS feeds consist of user-generated content, which is still a scary prospect for some advertisers.

Thus, the new AdClimate product automatically suppresses ads on FeedBurner?s network whenever any offensive words appear. Plus, advertisers can provide a list of specific keywords, which they don?t want their ads appearing next to. These words might include terms that elicit a negative connotation for that particular brand, especially if that brand is in the midst of a negative news cycle.

That?s music to more traditional brands' ears, according to Brent Hill, FeedBurner?s vp of advertising. ?There are certain brands that would like additional safeguards. It just comes up time and time again. So much so that we have dedicated resources to address [the issue].?

Those resources are crucial in helping legitimize user-generated content as an ad medium, said Tim Hanlon, senior vp, ventures, at Denuo, a division of Publicis Groupe. "Despite the wealth of quality user-generated content on the Web today, many marketers are still wary of promoting their brands amid the unpredictable landscape of blogs and RSS feeds. As the pioneer in feed-based syndication and advertising services, FeedBurner understands this environment better than anyone, and this advanced form of protection will be an effective measure to address marketer concerns, ultimately enabling more ad dollars to flow into the distributed media space."

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