Although 2016 will be another record year in terms of fees collected, the 4 percent increase is the lowest since 2009. Hanson said the jump in fees was a reflection of 2 percent more occupied hotel rooms than in 2015, more fee and surcharge categories, and higher amounts being charged. He also noted that there were lower fees and charges for high-speed Internet access this year. “There were no major changes this year,” Hanson told Skift. “The amount increased, but not by a lot, but it did set a record level of fees and surcharges. There also weren’t many new fees or surcharge categories introduced, maybe because most that could be introduced have been introduced. This is a year of fine-tuning for the industry, about what fees and surcharges should be in place, and at what pricing levels.” Newer types of fees, Hanson noted, were those relating to the guarantee of a specific room type, based on availability, as well as fees for unattended parking, early check-in, and holding checked luggage. Get the full story at Skift