A few months ago, I planned a quickie vacation. As usual, I did the entire process online. I started researching on TripAdvisor. As I narrowed down my selection, I used the "Check Rates" feature to compare offers across various booking engines. I ended up booking with a company I'd never used before, CheapCaribbean.com. I had moderate awareness of it, which helped my confidence as a first-time booker.

Turns out the folks at CheapCarribean are quite exceptional Internet marketers, so much so that shortly after my trip, I contacted them to see what I could learn for my agency readers from founder "Caribbean Jim" Hobbs. I was especially curious to learn how a smallish company like Jim's competes in today' ferocious vacation travel market and builds a brand from scratch. Perhaps the most revealing insights from my interview with Jim were not about his active online marketing tactics, but what he and his team no longer do and what he thinks of today's vacation travel market.

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