Self-driving cars? Hot-air balloon Internet-delivery? Alchemy-tech projects from Google X's laboratory in Mountain View, CA? Now, finally the tech scientists at the search giant launch a moonshot project that has immediate impact on our digital economy: the invention of the mobile browser. Google X’s ability to "stream” application functionality without requiring the user to download the heavy app chassis is a watershed technology. It is the first step in delivering the mobile browser content experience that we, the diehard mobile consumer, deserve. It also is the first salvo on the sanctity of the App Store in the same way that streaming music services are forcing iTunes to reinvent its business model and Wi-Fi in the car is the death knell for satellite radio subscription services. When you click the “stream" link on nine beta app partners, including the Weather Channel, Hotels Tonight and The New York Subway, the content will render in the cloud, as it does on a Google’s Chromebook. The phone simply pulls down the resulting visual data from Google virtual computing platform. Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer Read also "The 4 things Google believes are key to the future of search" at VentureBeat