Expedia, which has a website dedicated to the new campus, plans to repurpose four existing lab buildings into new open workspaces with higher ceilings which will allow more light, and extend each of them westward in a terraced manner. The buildings will be connected by a series of open atriums — “very distinct gathering and stopping places for employees at least multiple times a day,” noted Nagle — and the entire campus will technically become one solid structure. As it began looking for a new headquarters, Expedia laid out themes it prioritized when assessing potential locations. The company focused on the site location itself; the opportunity for scalable growth; a site that helped recruit employees; and providing “delightful” experiences for employees. “Once we found this site, we were like, ‘this is the place where we can do all of this,'” noted Nagle, a 16-year veteran of Expedia. Get the full story at GeekWire Related Link: Expedia is Seattle bound