1. Reservations, rates up: Both reservations volume and revenue rose up to near-record growth rates in March, increasing by 30% and 42.5% respectively over the prior year. Parodi said Pegasus has seen other little upturns, but March in particular experienced a significant boost. On the business side (looking primarily at Global Distribution System data), booking volume and average daily rate began trending upward last November. Year-over-year business travel demand has been up approximately 20% each month, Parodi said. Rate growth isn’t as strong, up at an average of 6%. 2. Business travel slowed in April: April saw a slowdown in growth on the business side, with booking numbers almost identical to last year. “It was probably the first time in a while where people saw a slowdown in growth. Everyone has been used to this channel recovering strong,” Parodi said. A combination of a few things led to April’s slowdown in business demand: the Middle East crisis and its effect on fuel prices; the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan; and the fact Easter fell in April this year. But “even as we analyzed it then we thought it was temporary,” Parodi said. “We were almost back up to 20% in May.” 3. Leisure recovery slower but more steady: Leisure-booking numbers have been growing progressively, averaging about 10% year-over-year growth thus far in 2011. April saw an uptick in bookings, actually benefitting from the Easter holiday, and even ADR began its climb in April. “Rate has been ramping up, and in May it was up 4.8% globally,” Parodi said. “Leisure has been doing quite well leading into the summer months.” Get the full story at HotelNewsNow.com