Be Aggressive During Summer and Winter: Why? Because these are the times when people are most likely to book travel. For example, January saw a 27% year-over-year increase in travel searches. The months to focus on? For summer, June through August, and for winter December through January. Bid on Brand Terms: There’s often debate on whether or not it’s worth it to bid on brand terms. The argument: “We’re already showing up organically so why would we spend money on our own terms?” Well, you’re not the only one showing up, your competitors are as well because they’re likely bidding, and sometimes out-bidding you and winning higher placement on your brand. Bing research proves that bidding on your own brand terms results in more clicks. Be There Throughout the Entire Travel Journey: With 58% of travel spend occurring during the trip, it’s important to be there for all of those “micro-moments” that travelers have during their journeys. Marketers might not realize that travelers are more spontaneous then they might suspect. More than half of searches on hotel mobile websites take place within a week of a traveler’s booking window. Get the full story at Wordstream