More Wi-Fi, But More Fees: Ask any traveler about their most-desired hotel amenity, and the answer is almost unanimously free Internet access. Unfortunately, for the consumer, as Wi-Fi fees trend downward, other hotel fees will continue to increase. Similar to airlines, the hotel industry is profiting from incremental fees. Obtaining a room with a better view, receiving a package, paying with a credit or debit card, using the hotel’s shuttle service, checking in early (or late) and storing bags are all areas that could be subject to new fees in the coming year. Sustainability Redefined: While eco-friendly practices are certainly not new to the lodging industry, sustainability has come to mean much more than asking guests to re-use their linens. These days, hotels are actively engaged in pursuing a variety of green designations, including LEED-certified, Green Key, Green Hotel and Energy-Star-compliance, all of which require significant commitment on the part of the hoteliers, who will develop new partnerships with Earth-friendly organizations as well as launching distinctive cause-awareness campaigns. Travel Reviews Continue to Grow: There’s no question that user-generated reviews are here to stay. Benchmark Hospitality found that a whopping 80 percent of agents believe that this consumer tool is only at the beginning of its growth trajectory, while 50 percent of agents admit to using online reviews in determining booking options. More hotels are sending “thank you” emails, asking guests to comment on some of the most popular review sites and, as travel reviews continue to gain popularity, hotels will develop unique programs to solicit these reviews from their guests. Get the full story at TravelAge West