1. Revenue management and marketing are converging We know that revenue management is all about maximizing, well, revenue, and in the past, this has primarily been accomplished through manipulating room pricing to create demand. The times, they are a-changing though, and there are more cards to play here. When these two departments come together, sharing data to first optimize demand, property operators swiftly identify issues, aside from pricing, that may be causing lags in performance. Data, and the ability to adequately interpret data, are key drivers behind an operator’s ability to find opportunities to change tactics and improve future demand. As was highlighted during OPTIMIZE, hoteliers can improve demand, so they no longer need to rely on discounting to increase occupancy and drive revenue. The need for collaboration between revenue management and marketing comes as the organizational lines between the two blur in the ongoing attempt to win over the customer, with increased direct bookings as the prize. Get the full story at rainmaker