A new study by PhoCusWright, the European Traveler Technology Survey 2014, was designed to help travel companies understand this exciting new intersection of consumer technology and holiday travel in the three major markets of France, Germany and the U.K. The article lists five of the major highlights: Tablets: No longer just for the young and tech savvy Younger consumers are typically the strongest adopters of new technology. Millennials were first to jump on Facebook. They were first to tweet. They took to smartphones at the fastest clip. But the new study reveals an exception to the pattern. In Europe, tablets are appealing to a much older crowd. According to the European Traveler Technology Survey 2014, tablet ownership peaks among 35-44 year-old online travel planners in France (54%) and the U.K. (55%) – and among 45-54 year olds in Germany (45%). Get the full story at Tnooz