Its nimble nature already makes Twitter a great customer service, listening and general communication tool. Countless brands across many industries have put Twitter to use in this capacity. In the future, Twitter's speedy nature will likely earn it a place on the search engine results pages of one of the major engines, and marketers will undoubtedly find additional ways to harness the much lauded microblogging service. In the meantime, marketing executives should at least ask their teams the following:

Are we using Twitter to help boost our site traffic? Twitter sends a lot of traffic to the brand sites of marketers who cultivate its potential and engage in meaningful discussions. Companies can also introduce new products, press releases or special promotions on Twitter, which can create significant traffic surges that can be tracked in real time. Many tweets get passed along through "reTweets" and other viral methods that lead to links on blogs and other sites that drive even more traffic.

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