With a dizzying array of discounted vacation packages floating across the web, securing a bargain seems like a simple task. But with online travel agencies like Expedia reportedly tweaking search results to promote certain hotel listings and a rising number of book-direct initiatives from major brands such as Marriott and Hilton, price shopping isn't always easy or straightforward. To add fuel to the fire, metasearch sites and apps, such as Google Hotel Finder and Hopper, showcase rates from a variety of hotels and airlines (though some companies do not disclose prices), making it hard for savvy bargain hunters to know if they're netting the best deal. And while there are key advantages of going straight to the source and unique benefits of using an online booking site, the reality is the role of OTAs is changing, and many commonly held beliefs have become outdated. U.S. News spoke with industry experts to dispel common OTA myths. Get the full story at Yahoo! Finance