No. 1: Blame the tools

What they say: "The numbers just don't add up, and they never have. The tagging is broken, and even though the site changed since we last tagged, I don't see why that should matter. My developers are saying they've got their own internal tool, and they send me numbers, but even they don't make that much sense. The truth is, these tools have a long way to go."

Translation: "I don't know enough about statistics to be as useful as I should be in a measurement-driven environment. I haven't spent enough time learning the strengths and weaknesses of my tools to know what to count on and what not to expect. I am not senior enough yet to know that a single tool cannot possibly solve problems for me, but only provide information for me to react to."

The cure: There are a number of great books on the market, but you may need more than that. How about the training sessions offered by the major vendors, as well as those offered at industry events like eMetrics? Some companies can even design custom training courses to suit your particular needs. Take advantage of these excellent sources of knowledge about analytics. In fact, immerse yourself in them. Take lots of notes and then get serious about incorporating web analytics into your everyday job.

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