73% of people acquire vacation ideas from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In fact, more than half of people say Twitter helped them in considering travel brands. The most avid among vacation-goers are millennials, who are reportedly the biggest spenders on travels. What’s unique about this generation is that they rarely seek help from professional travel services. Only 10% of millennials say they used travel agents in 2014. So whose advice do they listen to? Social media stars! They have become such trusted voices for consumers that Marriott Hotels has set up a studio dedicated to content collaborations with social influencers. Now that we're in the biggest travel season, marketers are bustling to beat the competition. Let’s take a look at how influencers can take your social promotional programs to the next level. Get the full story at Social Media Today Read also "Why influencer marketing isn't Just for big brands anymore" at Social Media Today