1. Create individual hotels websites: Your group website gives a complete but quick overview of your offer. An individual website for every hotel will let users discover it more deeply, in a distraction free environment. Let's be honest: even with famous hotel brands, travelers are looking for the destination first. Give them a website 100% dedicated to the place they want to go to, and they will give you back. FASTBOOKING's studies show that conversion rates on individual websites range from 50 to 100% higher than group websites, for brands that have 50 hotels or less. 2. Adapt your contents: Your group's website is not the best place to develop all the contents related to your individual hotels. Teasing your future guests is important, but the best conversion will barely occur there. It will on the individual websites. That is the reason why all the complete details should be concentrated on those. The group website's content should be lighter than the individual ones. It is more a crossroad than the final destination. 3. Fit with the mobile device: This design for mobile devices needs to be simpler, lighter and more straightforward. The “one-site-for-one-hotel” will make it way easier than trying to stuff several hotels on one website. Users will thank you. Google will also thank you : the latest algorithm update promotes websites that are fully usable on mobile. Get the full story at Fastbooking