1. Mobile keys: In an era of personalization where travelers want to experience the hotel on their own terms, hoteliers are working to allow the guest to use a smartphone as a room key. Various hurdles have kept the much-talked-about innovation on the shelf for the past decade. But now several major companies and chains either have rolled out such functionality or are in the process of doing so. 2. PMS mobility: Hotel GMs who lack people skills may have been able to skate by in the past, relying on data crunching, report management and cost cutting to prove their worth. No longer, sources said. As the backbone of hotel operations, the property-management system, moves online, managers and line-level employees can be mobile, free to interact more with guests and each other. 3. Innovation in guest acquisition: While in-room hotel innovation has been limited, reaching guests in the discovery and booking phases of the travel lifecycle has received much attention. Hotel brands and third-party distribution partners continue to one-up each other with slick new ways to research hotel rooms and convert lookers into bookers. Get the full story at Hotel News Now