1. Keyless Entry You will soon be able to bypass the front desk altogether and go straight to your room with mobile room keys. Proxce, a Silicon Valley-based company, has developed an identity management system that allows guests check-in with their smartphone. "Right now people think of keyless entry as a technology of the future, however it's here and it will be more common than you think." said CEO Madhu Madhusudhanan. 2. Mobile Payment Mobile payment systems are rapidly being adopted by retail businesses all over the world and will surpass $1.3 trillion by 2017. Payment technologies such as Apple Pay and digital currency like BitCoin ensure that these systems will be more widely accepted in the future. 3. Social Media-Based Customer Service The next time you have a complaint during your stay will you resolve your issues with the staff or air your grievance on Twitter or Facebook? More hotel guests are turning to social media sites to vent when complaints arise. Get the full story at Hospitality Net Related Link: Proxce Inc.